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P.S. - Beenou.

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  1. mike says:

    Great article. I’ve definitely been that last guy a million different times. You gotta be careful married to a foreigner that you don’t complain about their country too much, or they start to hate it more than you do, which is not what you were intending. My brother, married to a Korean, and me a Filipina, have both done that. One thing I’ve realized is that no matter how “in” I ever thought I’d be with the Filipinos, it just ain’t ever gonna happen. Maybe if I learned Tagalog it’d help. But I thought having Flip friends in Canada, a Filipina wife, mixed-kid, being a fan of Manny Pacquiao, visiting the country a million times, playing basketball, would all certify me as “one of the guys”. But every time I meet Filipinos working in Korea, in the factories, or sailors in Taiwan, and in the Philippines, especially the poorer ones, we’ve got nothing in common. Occasionally we have a great time drinking and talking, but it usually seems pretty superficial. I’ve learned to try less, and not care so much. So it’s funny when I bring American and Canadian friends to the Filipino bar nearby to shoot pool and they’re so excited talking to them, trying to establish their credentials. A lot of the time they think they’ve gotta show they can speak Spanish as if the filipinos don’t speak English.

  2. mits says:

    Dude. That article is GREAT! I can obviously identify minus the eating of duck embryos etc. As a fellow south asian, I agree that we are constantly bridging the gap as 1st generation Canadian, but as an Indian, we eat some strange things, but no weird animals, fried or not. You gotta write one about how confused the french and spaniards/latinos get when they see you speaking french or spanish!

  3. claudio says:

    jajajaja, i took that picture.
    cheers pulga.

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